Project 120
The two-story glued timber house combines all modern trends in countryside construction. The living area of the house is 120 square meters. Here, there is everything necessary and even more.
Total area of premises: 120.17 sq. m.

Terrace area: 79.05 sq. m.

Balcony area: 7.02 sq. m.

Kitchen-living room area: 41.15 sq. m.

Number of floors: 1 floor + mansard floor

Number of bedrooms: 3 bedrooms

Number of bathrooms: 1 bathroom.

Glued timber house projects from Perm DSK

Glued timber is a highly popular construction material in the modern building market. Buildings constructed from this material offer an attractive appearance and provide convenience and safety. Glued timber is suitable for building not only residential houses and cottages but also commercial facilities such as hotels, resorts, and office centers. Due to its unique production technology, this material is versatile and enables solving any architectural tasks while preserving and improving the best properties of wood.
Project 60
A guest house made of glued laminated timber with a total area of 63 sq. meters, which is perfect for a nature vacation.
Project 80
Our most compact single-story house made of glued laminated timber with a total area of 74 sq. meters.
Project 100
A comfortable single-story house made of glued laminated timber designed for a family of four or more.
Project 120
A two-story house made of glued laminated timber combines all modern trends in country house building.
Only high-quality materials are used, including fast-growing timber and certified German BASF glue. The wood maintains a stable microclimate, providing consistent humidity levels between 35-55%.
The service life is 100 years or more, while maintaining perfect geometry and appearance — with factory antiseptic treatment, sealing of the ends, and further maintenance. Glued laminated timber is 70% stronger than natural timber.
Environmentally friendly and safe
From logging
to finished house kits
Perm DSK is a full-cycle enterprise, with every stage under control. That is why we guarantee that our glued timber meets the highest standards.
Regular testing is carried out at every stage of production to ensure quality control
A variety of stylistic solutions - from traditional Russian izba to Alpine chalets or modern style houses
Requires no finishing, high speed of putting into operation from the foundation to move-in within 2-3 months.
Certified materials
Prestigious appearance
Economically advantageous
Why choose glued laminated timber?
Glued laminated timber and conventional timber are two popular materials in modern construction. Both materials have their unique properties, however, glued laminated timber has several advantages over conventional timber.

The first advantage of glued laminated timber is its strength. Thanks to the use of the gluing technology, the timber has a high degree of strength and resistance to deformation. Unlike conventional timber, glued laminated timber is not prone to rotting and fading in the sun, which ensures the durability of structures.

The second advantage of glued laminated timber is its environmental cleanliness. The timber is made from natural wood without the use of harmful chemicals, making it safe for people's health and the environment. In addition, thanks to the use of the gluing technology, wood with defects can be used, which reduces waste and helps conserve natural resources.

The third advantage of glued laminated timber is its aesthetic appearance. Thanks to the gluing technology, the timber looks more neat and even, which provides a more beautiful appearance of structures. In addition, glued laminated timber allows creating various architectural forms and structures, making it a versatile material for construction.
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