Project 120

A two-story glued laminated timber house combines all modern trends in country house building.
Total area of the premises: 120.17 sq.m.

Area of the terrace: 79.05 sq.m.

Area of the balcony: 7.02 sq.m.

Area of the kitchen-living room: 41.15 sq.m.
Number of floors: 1st floor + mansard floor

Number of bedrooms: 3 bedrooms

Number of bathrooms: 1 bathroom
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What is included in the price?
Wooden structure project (Wooden Constructions)
Profiled glued laminated timber for wall (Finnish profile) with antiseptic treatment
Dry, glued, planed beams and posts with antiseptic treatment
Wooden nails for attaching walls
Wooden roof construction project
Roof rafters made of glued laminated or regular dry timber
Counter-lathing (dried planed timber)
Roofing lath made of dried planed board
Fascia board for the roof overhangs
Window and door jambs made of glued wood
About the project
The living area of the house is 120 square meters. It has everything you need and even more. A large terrace of almost 80 square meters is arranged around the house for a comfortable environment. The first floor is divided into two zones. From the entrance hall, we can enter the private zone, where there is a bathroom with a shower, a utility room with its own exit, and a large bedroom closer to the living room. In the public zone, there is a staircase leading to the second floor and a kitchen-living room of about 40 square meters with access to the terrace. The kitchen-living room, with its second light and panoramic windows, gives a special charm to this house. On the second floor, there are two large bedrooms with an open balcony that overlooks the opposite side. The "Project 120" house is designed for connoisseurs of beautiful life.
Ready-made house Project 120
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Why choose glued laminated timber?
  • Environmentally friendly and safe
    Only high-quality materials are used, including fast-growing timber and certified German BASF glue. The wood maintains a stable microclimate, providing consistent humidity levels between 35-55%.
  • Durable
    The service life is 100 years or more, while maintaining perfect geometry and appearance — with factory antiseptic treatment, sealing of the ends, and further maintenance. Glued laminated timber is 70% stronger than natural timber.
  • Certified materials
    Regular testing is carried out at every stage of production to ensure quality control
  • Prestigious appearance
    A variety of stylistic solutions - from traditional Russian izba to Alpine chalets or modern style houses
  • Economically advantageous
    Requires no finishing, high speed of putting into operation from the foundation to move-in within 2-3 months.
Stages of production
Client's request
Obtaining information from the client and preparing technical specifications
Calculation of the cost of manufacturing the house kit
Design stage (if there is no project documentation)
Signing a contract for the manufacture of the house kit
Payment of the advance by the client (30-50% of the total cost)
Manufacturing of the house kit (duration of 30 working days)
Issuing the manufactured product to the client
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