Individual design

Development of a house project made of glued laminated timber by Permsky DSK
Custom project
The work on an individual house design starts with understanding and considering the customer's wishes and preferences. Our task is to develop a unique project with an ideal layout that takes into account the opinions of all family members. Of course, opinions may differ, but that's no reason to deviate from our goal of creating the perfect individual project. We are ready to work hard to take into account all customer's wishes and requirements, to bring to life the dream of a beautiful and comfortable home.
What to consider when choosing an individual project for a wooden house?
When choosing an individual project for a wooden house, it is important to take into account many factors. First and foremost, personal preferences and budget must be considered. Undoubtedly, the latter is a very important factor and can be decisive in choosing a project.

There is no universal project that will suit everyone. However, Perm DSC offers standard projects for log houses that can serve as a basis for further modification and adaptation to the individual needs of the customer. In addition, it is always possible to order a custom project from scratch that will be developed taking into account all the wishes and requirements of the customer.

Designing a log house has its own specifics, so it is extremely important to turn to professionals who have the necessary knowledge and experience in this area. Perm DSC employs experienced specialists who will provide professional assistance in choosing an individual project for a log house, as well as develop a project taking into account all the requirements of the customer. The quality of design directly affects the strength, durability, and safety of the future house, so choosing a competent company and professionals is an important step in creating comfortable housing.
The content and cost of the project
A project for a country house made of glued laminated timber includes working drawings, calculations and layouts, as well as equipment specifications. It is a comprehensive document that covers various aspects of the project. The project includes several sections, including a sketch project (SP), architectural solutions (AS), structural section (SS), engineering and technical section, and an estimate. The estimate is based on the calculation of work and materials that will be used. The estimate can be adjusted depending on the client's capabilities. At the design stage, any changes are possible since the project is coordinated with the client on all issues.

The cost of individual design for a country house made of glued laminated timber is calculated separately for each project and may vary depending on the following factors: the area and number of floors of the building, the functional purpose of the house, the type of foundation, the relief of the site, the level of project complexity (use of original architectural solutions), and the choice of architectural style. To obtain more accurate information about the cost and order of design, you can contact our managers.
How work is conducted
Based on discussions with the client, a technical specification for the development of an architectural solution (AS) is prepared. This stage of the design process takes from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project and the number of modifications to be made.

The contract for project work regulates the relationship between the customer and the contractor and guarantees the fulfillment of obligations. It describes the essence of the work, the responsibilities of the parties, the deadlines for the completion of work, and the payment terms.

After the discussion with the client, a preliminary design of the house (PD) and a section of architectural solutions (AS) are prepared. The PD contains a description and visual representation of the floor plans and facades, as well as drawings with general data such as structural parameters, wall thickness, ceiling height, etc. At this stage, the external appearance of the building is also developed, while interacting with the client and taking into account possible adjustments.

The section of architectural solutions describes technical details in more detail, such as a site plan, foundation and roof plan, plumbing layout, window and door markings, as well as the area of facade and interior wall finishes. At this stage, a scheme of door and window openings is also prepared, all necessary building materials and their quantities are specified, and an estimate is prepared based on the calculations.

After approval of the architectural solution, the next stage of work begins - the creation of the structure of the house (SH). At this stage, the foundation of the house is formed, as the safety and durability of the dwelling depend on the accuracy of the calculations of the strength characteristics of the house, the roof system, the foundation, and the floor system. Schemes and layouts of floors, stairs, and lintels are determined. The selected types of windows and doors are also included in this section. This helps to more accurately calculate the required building materials and determine the construction time of the building.
Project Development Assignment
To create a technical specification, specialists conduct a conversation with the customer to understand their needs and preferences. At this stage, the following factors need to be taken into account:
  • Determine the desired size of the house so that each family member feels comfortable.
  • Pay attention to the internal layout to ensure that each person has their own cozy corner.
  • If the family owns a car, its location and placement on the plot should be thought out.
  • Issues with communications that could affect the house project need to be addressed.
  • Determine the presence and location of technical rooms and boiler rooms.
  • Consider the structural features of balconies, terraces, and attic spaces, as well as their location.
  • Determine the number and shape of staircases in the house.
Project Approval
Before the construction of a house begins, a complete set of customized working documentation is prepared and must be approved by the client. Changes can be made during the design stage, but after project approval and the start of construction, making changes will be difficult. When ordering individual design, it is necessary to consider this factor and pay attention to the final stage of project approval.

All elements of the house are made of high-quality glued timber produced by Perm DSK. The high precision of manufacturing the elements ensures the structure's durability and reduces the time for building the house. If you have any questions about this or other aspects of design, our professional architects and designers with many years of experience are ready to assist you.
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